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 Charity - Let the Children Live!


St Edmund's supports Let the Children Live! working with street children of Latin America.

You can go to the Let the Children Live! website, by clicking here


Fr Peter Walters with some of the gamines - 'disposable ones'
Fr Peter Walters with some of the gamines - 'disposable ones'

Let the Children Live! is a UK-registered charity, working to support Columbian-led initiatives to support Columbia's most disadvantaged children. Whilst Let the Children Live! has assisted projects in other countries, the charity's efforts are concentrated in Columbia due to the levels of violence faced by street children there.

Let the Children Live! was founded by Father Peter Walters in 1982.

Statement by Let the Children Live!

"Let the Children Live! is a charitable (not-for-profit) organisation and does not engage in political activity. We recognise that the phenomenon of the street-children is the product of complex social problems to which there are no easy answers. Our aim is to support the Colombian people as they take the initiative in caring for the most disadvantaged of their children.

"We believe that no human-being is 'disposable' and that every person is precious to God. We are therefore concerned to ensure that each child is cared for as an individual, with his or her own special needs. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the lives of many children have already been preserved and made worth living through the provision of love, care, education and training: but it is never-ending work, for whenever some children leave the streets, others take their place..."

Casa Walsingham - base for the work in Medellin
Casa Walsingham - base for the work in Medellin
The images above are reproduced from the Let the Children Live ! website - with full acknowledgement.